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JAPANESE & KOREAN SNACKS TASTE TEST! Matcha Pocky, Chocolate Mochi, Sweet Potato Chips, etc. [Jan. 13th, 2018|11:58 pm]
Japanophile Community

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I try some popular Asian snacks and sweets for the first time, like Matcha Pocky, chocolate mochi, and sweet potato chips – watch my reaction and review on how they taste! ➡️ https://youtu.be/n1H6Sp7tXBI
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CATCHING 50+ NEW GENERATION 3 POKÉMON! (Pokémon Go Gen 3 Gameplay) [Dec. 11th, 2017|03:21 am]
Japanophile Community


CATCHING 50+ NEW GENERATION 3 POKÉMON! Pokémon Go Gen 3 Update & Christmas Event! (Gameplay)
➡️ https://youtu.be/luGVtG1W9vM
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Pokkén Tournament DX Gameplay: MEWTWO VS. LUCARIO & DARKRAI VS. CHARIZARD [Nintendo Switch] [Nov. 5th, 2017|04:29 am]
Japanophile Community


Pokkén Tournament DX Gameplay: MEWTWO VS. LUCARIO & DARKRAI VS. CHARIZARD [Nintendo Switch]
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Pokémon Go Halloween Event 2017 Gameplay: CATCHING GEN 3 GHOST-TYPE POKÉMON! [Oct. 22nd, 2017|08:26 pm]
Japanophile Community

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Pokémon GO Halloween Event 2017 is here! Gen 3 Pokémon are finally here!
In this gameplay video I catch all first 5 Pokémon from Hoenn region, Witch Hat Pikachu, and many other spooky Pokémon in evocative autumnal settings. Join me to hunt a lot of Ghost-type Pokémon together! ➡️ https://youtu.be/o7n5mQ4uCDI
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What is Pokémon GO like in Florence, Italy? (Generation 2) | Gameplay [Oct. 13th, 2017|01:53 am]
Japanophile Community

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What is Pokémon GO like in Florence, Italy? (Generation 2) | Gameplay

I recently visited Florence, Italy, to go Pokémon hunting in Pokémon GO. Watch this gameplay video to witness some amazing catches, egg hatchings, and evolutions while exploring the city's most beautiful landmarks.
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Hieroglyphics on money - help translate. [Aug. 18th, 2017|08:49 pm]
Japanophile Community

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- What is written here?
Thank you in advance/どうもありがとうございました。
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WTS: Yaoi Manga in English and Japanese [Jul. 1st, 2016|11:59 am]
Japanophile Community

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I'm selling yaoi mangas in English and Japanese, most books condition are mint or like new but some old titles are a bit yellowish, I can provide picture if you're interested, just put in comment. Preferred payment, Paypal or local bank transfer in Indonesia. Shipping will be from Indonesia so for overseas buyer must consider additional shipping cheapest cost around $5 - $15 depends on weight.

If not stated in Japanese then the book is in English. Feedback can be seen in my journal.

Some of them are rare and out of print. I will include some bonus for sale such as postcards if you purchase more than $10.

Pics and list hereCollapse )
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[Selling] Doujinshi [Jun. 29th, 2016|10:43 am]
Japanophile Community


doujinshi available for sale:
[5] Ao no Exorcist - (Yukio/Rin, Shima/Rin)
[3] Code Geass - (Suzaku/Lelouch)
[12] Gintama - (Takasugi/Gintoki, Hijikata/Gintoki, Various/Gintoki)
[2] Gundam 00 - (Lockon/Setsuna)

[5] Kuroko no Basket - (Aomine/Kuroko, Kagami/Kuroko, GoM/Kuroko)
[8] Kuroshitsuji - (Sebastian/Ciel)
[2] Lucky Dog 1 - (Ivan/Gian, Luchino/Gian)
[9] Michiru Heya (by Nekota Yonezou/Komeya)

[4] Magi - Labyrinth of Magic - (Sinbad/Ja'far)
[3] Naruto - (Sasuke/Naruto) by acute girls

You can find them all here (Near the bottom of the page):

[55] Free! - (HaruMako, SouRin, MakoRin, MakoRei, HaruRin, Mob/Makoto, Mikoshiba/Rin, NitoRin)
Please head over to: CLICK01
[14] Hetalia - (USUK, FrUK, GerIta, SuFin, Prussia/Germany, Spain/Romano)
Please head over to: CLICK02
[53] Hitman Reborn - (Gamma/Uni, Bel/Fran, Squalo27, 1827, 5927, 6927, Spanner27)
Please head over to: CLICK03
[15] Prince of Tennis - (Ohtori/Shishido, Chitose/Shiraishi, Various/Shiraishi,Shiraishi/Kenya, Zaizen/Kenya, Kenya/Zaizen, Kirihara/Yanagi, Kirihara/Niou, Yagyuu&Niou)
Please head over to: CLICK05
[42] Tiger & Bunny - (Barnaby/Kotetsu, Kotetsu/Barnaby)
Please head over to: CLICK04

Prices are NEGOTIABLE!
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2015|01:28 am]
Japanophile Community

I'm looking for volumes 6 and 7 of FAKE if anyone has them?
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Some goodies up on eBay!! [Jul. 1st, 2015|03:07 am]
Japanophile Community

InuYasha season one DVD, English dub, region 1 players

The Idol M@ster Shibuya Rin 1/8 scale painted figurine NEW IN BOX

Rewrite Chibi-Moth Chibimosu

Death Note manga, volume 3, FRENCH translation
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