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New Additions to ai love musoc [May. 25th, 2015|12:54 am]
Japanophile Community


Hey everyone, I started a monthly series at my blog, ai love music, that talks about one of the greatest years of anime songs. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

April: The theme of two lesser known magical girl anime (Hint: Cui-ling and Erina Nakajima)

May's blog entry will be posted next week!

I also have started up a weekly series about the many live events I go to here in Nagoya. The first post was about LinQ Promotional Event at Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome Mae (May 1, 2015). I will write about a local idol group called Idol Kyoshitsu tomorrow. Be on the lookout! Meanwhile, if you are craving Japanese music, don't forget to check out posts about True Kiss Desination, Come Back to Asia, remembering Onyanko Club, and celebrating Berryz Koubou.